About us

Our Team believes in communication and care for our clients, be it small or big projects. We design to deliver the best for everyone.Believing in achieving the best quality, we utilise and work with a carefully selected pool of professional suppliers and manufacturers who deliver the finest materials.

With experience in both the commercial and residential projects, our ranges of clients include hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, schools, residential apartment’s salon and spa, and landed properties.


Our Ambition

Our aim is to provide an unparalleled selection of patterns and photo wallpapers to suit all ages and styles. We pride ourselves on the ability to interpret current trends, patterns and textures and sharethese designs before anyone else.

We are passionate about modern interior design and our ambition is to challenge the boundaries of what wallpaper can do by offering pioneering designs. We want to offer the best in class wallpaper that inspires your creativity.


Our story

We bring exciting, on-trend and remarkable design to wallpaper. We offer a unique proposition for all sorts of design projects and allow people to shape their space their wayOur mission is to help our clients realize their concept and branding in the best way possible, offering customized solutions to fit every situation. We assist to build upon a client’s brand values, positioning, target market and put them into practical use,offering a space that will connect with people, creating dream spaces for work, life and play.Pellentesque facilisis.

Great Quality

Our wallpapers are custom made for every wall, using the best quality paper we can get our hands on. To guarantee the highest quality standards, everything we create comes from our Holistn Group. Here,our murals are crafted by our dedicated team, who take special care and pride in everything we produce.


Great Design

We have best designs and collections from our high quality murals and photo wallpapers. Our wallpaper is suitable for walls of any size or shape, so we encourage you to be confident and get creative with your design ideas. We’ll be alongside you all the way.

Our designers draw, paint, print, sketch and experiment every day to create the best design for you. All mural collections are carefully curated so that you always have the perfect number of options to choose from to achieve the current interior trends. Digital print means that our colours are incredibly vibrant and offer a high definition finish. Digital print also means that anything is possible and we can push the boundaries of wallpaper design.

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